#sqlsat89 XML 201 Slide decks uploaded

Just a quick note to say I uploaded my slides from last weekend’s SQL Saturday 89; the event was a blast, and I hope to have my wrap up posted soon.   Thanks to all of those who attended; I felt like it was a great class, and I’m hoping to continue to improve in the future.

SQL Server XML 201

The xml datatype in SQL Server expands the potential of the relational platform to store increasingly complex forms of data, but without the use of the appropriate query language, much of that potential can remain unused. This session will cover the basics of SQL Server XQuery and FLWOR; the assumption is that attendees will have some basic exposure to XML (including the use of XML in SQL Server). Learn how to “run queries within a query”, and how to extract XML data into a tabular format. Coverage will include the five basic XML methods (.exist(), .value(), .query(), .nodes(), and .modify()) and FLWOR (for, let, where, order by, and return).

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