SQL PASS Twitter Bingo: The rules so far…

Sorry for the late posting on this, but it’s been a heckuva day 🙂  Anyway, we (Brent Ozar, Blythe Morrow, several others and I) have had several logistical discussion about how Twitter Bingo will be played at PASS Summit 2009, and I thought I would post what we’ve discussed so far.

The goals!

The goal of the game is to increase networking opportunities between the SQL Twitter community and face-to-face PASS Attendees.  Our hope is to a) strengthen existing relationships between SQL tweople, and b) encourage new people to start using Twitter and contribute to the social interactions beyond Summit. 

What is NOT the goal!

To win fabulous prizes.  Quest and SQLServerPedia are putting together some encouragement for new people to play, but the focus isn’t on “winning”; it’s on community interaction.

“Squares” and players…

Squares will be the volunteers who agreed to have their Twitter avatars placed on the cards.   Squares may certainly play the game by printing out cards and pursuing other squares, but at this time, squares are discouraged from entering the prize drawing (Sorry about that; the prizes are fabulous, but not that fabulous).  Again, we want to encourage new people to join the community; if you’re a square, you’re already there (ooh, that was a horrible rhyme.)

How will players mark off squares on their cards?

Each square has a code word; when asked for that code word, they should provide it to the player, who can write it on their card.  I realized that code words will probably be shared among players, but again, the goal is to encourage community interaction even at the risk of minor “cheating”.   We may come up with a more secure scheme next time, but this time, it just seems easier for Quest/SQLServerPedia employees to validate code words.

Arlene Gray (@whimsql) suggested that she write her code word on the back of her business card; I think that’s a great idea.

How will players know where to find me?

Twitter is an option 🙂  If you can, tweet your location throughout the day using the hashtag #sqlbingo.

Brent also suggested that if you’re a speaker, you may want to ask squares in the room to stand up before you begin your session, so players can identify them.  We’re also planning on asking squares to print out a small badge to tape to their regular conference badge showing their avatar and username.

Where do players get their cards?

We’re going to ask players to print out their own cards and bring them with them; we’ll also have some cards available at the Quest/SQLServerPedia booth.  Blythe Morrow also suggested that we use the PASS help desk booth as well.

How do players play?

We’re planning on adding this to the card:

Here’s how the contest works: print out 3 Bingo cards.  Try to meet as many people as possible that are on your card each day.  Each person has their own code word, and you have to write down their code word in their space on the Bingo card.  When you get a straight line (5 people in any direction) on Tuesday, you can drop off your card in the SQLServerPedia booth in the exhibit hall.  Each day, we’ll draw 2 winners and email them with their prize package – things like signed books, gift cards, and more.  On Wednesday, it gets tougher – you have to have two straight lines filled out.  On Thursday, you have to have a blackout – all spaces covered!  Only one entry per person per day.

Who’s a square?

Below is the list of squares:

Square SquareUserName
Andy Leonard AndyLeonard
Aaron Bertrand AaronBertrand
Aaron Nelson SQLvariant
Adam Machanic AdamMachanic
Allen Kinsel sqlinsaneo
Andy Warren sqlAndy
Arlene Gray whimsql
Bill Fellows billinkc
Bill Graziano billgraziano
Blythe Morrow blythemorrow
Brent Ozar brento
Brian Kelley kbriankelley
Colin Stasiuk BenchmarkIT
Denny Cherry mrdenny
Eric Humphrey lotsahelp
Geoff Hiten SQLCraftsman
Grant Fritchey GFritchey
Jeff Rush JeffRush
Jeremiah Peschka peschkaj
Joe Webb JoeWebb
Ken Simmons kensimmons
Kendal Van Dyke SQLDBA
Lee Anne Pedersen leeannepedersen
Lori Edwards loriedwards
Mike Walsh Mike_Walsh
Mike Wells SarasotaSQL
Pat Wright SQLAsylum
Peter Schott paschott
Peter Shire Peter_Shire
Ross Mistry RossMistry
Rushabh Mehta rushabhmehta
Steve Jones way0utwest
Stuart Ainsworth stuarta
Tim Benninghoff bugboi
Tim Ford sqlagentman
Tim Mitchell Tim_Mitchell
TJay Belt tjaybelt
Todd McDermid Todd_McDermid
Tom LaRock SQLRockstar
Trevor Barkhouse SQLServerSleuth
Wendy Pastrick wendy_dance
Wesley Brown WesBrownSQL
William McKnight williammcknight


That’s all for now; I’m sure more will come up as I think about it 🙂

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12 Responses

  1. Mike Walsh - October 21, 2009

    So just to confirm, if I am in a session and the presenter asks all the squares to stand up… I’m not going to be the only one standing, right? 😉

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  3. stuart - October 21, 2009


    I’m hoping that with 40 something people, you won’t be alone in a session. However, if you are, you may want to

    a) reconsider your choice in sessions; all the cool kids are elsewhere, and

    b) duck and cover. This may be your one chance in life to me treated like a member of a boy band. 🙂

  4. Brent Ozar - October 21, 2009

    HAHAHA, Mike’s comment about the squares standing up is awesome. I’m totally using that.

  5. stuart - October 21, 2009

    D’oh; you know this late in the day, sarcasm totally escapes me. 🙂 I jsut now got his meaning, and I was trying to be cute in my response.

  6. Steve Jones - October 21, 2009


    This is great, and kudos to you, Blythe, and Brent for setting it up.

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  8. Mike Walsh - October 21, 2009

    Yeah maybe my dry sense of humor didn’t work out so well 🙂 I know I won’t be the only one standing up, but I may be the only one yelling something in @BrentO’s session 😉

  9. Andy Warren - October 23, 2009

    Stu, great job on this, I’m looking forward to seeing it in action!

  10. SQL Server Central - October 24, 2009

    […] can find out who all has signed up to be a square as well as some other good information on Stuart Ainsworth’s blog. You may even have a slight advantage if you start following everyone ahead of […]

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