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squeaky wheel… yada, yada

Well, I guess if you complain about something long and hard enough, things happen.  Sometimes, things happen that have nothing to do with your complaining, but the coincidental correlation is so strong that your mind draws associations for it (which sometimes leads to fodder for blog posts). BTW, sorry for not posting much lately; my […]

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SCRUM, Source Control, and the SQL Server Developer (Part 2)

So my last post focused on the modifications my shop has made to our implementation of Scrum without a lot of details about how we manage our code changes.  This post is intended to explain how we set up source control to support the scrum process. Source control is one of those poorly-defined practices; it’s […]

May 20, 2009 · stuart · No Comments
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Death by a thousand cuts…

This is has been an awful week; things have just not gone as planned from the get-go.  I’m gonna run through several issues in this post, and perhaps someone will find some value in them; lessons learned may help others avoid the pain of my ways.   VSTS: DB Pro This week, I’ve spent way […]

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Rube Goldberg would be proud…

This post is a bit of a rant; I spent the whole day trying to resolve a curious chain of events.  Basically, I wasted a day of development troubleshooting something stupid; hopefully, others will learn from my mistakes, and avoid the pain and suffering I experienced. It all started with SQL Server 2008; we’re looking […]

April 30, 2009 · stuart · 2 Comments
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Visual Studio For Team Systems: Database Professional

I’ve been struggling with VSTS:DB for some time; I love the idea of source controlling my development databases (right now we’re just using backups to prevent code loss), but I’ve not been able to really get my head wrapped around how VSTS:DB works. Even though I consider myself a developer, I guess I’m still a […]

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