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5 #DevOps Books I plan to finish this year

New Year.  Resolutions, etc. 🙂 I’m notoriously bad about starting a book and never finishing it, particularly when it’s a technical book.  My goal this year is to finish the following 5 books: The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations Gene Kim is perhaps best known for his […]

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#DevOps Two Books for Operations

Over the last couple years, there’s been a subtle shift in my responsibilities at my day job (and my interests in technology overall).  I’ve been doing much less database development and administration work, and more general system architecture work.  That’s harder to write up in blog posts than SQL code, so I’ve struggled with writing, […]

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My reading list…

OK, so I haven’t blogged in like, forever… (and apparently, I’ve adopted the speech pattern of a teenager from the 80’s while I was away).   Suffice it to say that I’ve been working on a few major projects, and I’ll fill you in on them later.  I did want to pick up the torch again, […]

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Announcing AtlantaMDF Reviews

Just a quick post to tout a recent sister site that I’ve started (with the help of several other AtlantaMDF members): AtlantaMDF Reviews.  Our goal is to provide a forum of book and tool reviews that would be of interest to our local PASS user group. The site has just started, with only 2 brief […]

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SQL Server 2006 DBA Street Smarts – Joseph L. Jorden

Welcome to my first book review!  As part of the process of arranging for swag for SQLSaturday, I’ve encountered a number of publishers that have agreed to donate books to our event in exchange for book reviews.  Obviously, they’d like favorable reviews, but I don’t feel obligated to hold back any legitimate criticisms that I […]

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