Couple of upcoming presentations

I know; I suck at blogging.

Anyway, I have a couple of upcoming presentations this month, so I figured I needed to get back and gear and at least post a notice about them.  First, I’ll be presenting at A Bunch of Devs ( on the Red Gate development suite of tools.  Funny story; I actually work in that building.  The organizers reached out to Red Gate to see if they had a Friend nearby.  I guess I qualified.

Next, I’ll be back at SQL Saturday Atlanta to present on Biggish Data; this is the first Atlanta SQL Saturday that I actually had almost nothing to do with (as a chapter leader, I helped with some basic decision, but very little).  I’m excited that it’s continuing to thrive.  Says a lot about the infrastructure that PASS puts behind these events; they just need a little help from the local chapters, but they don’t rely on the same person getting burned out year after year.

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